Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks Truth Force more important than Space Force

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Aug 22, 2018

While courts of law are a good place to start looking for the truth, Neil deGrasse Tyson, one of the world’s most influential science teachers, has long proselytized about nature’s law being absolute. So to any of his loyal pupils, the good professor’s reaction to Donald Trump’s proposed Space Force should come as no surprise. 

With Trump and his cohorts spouting the United States’ need for a stellar sixth military branch, Tyson took to Twitter this week to offer his impressions, which perfectly align with what he’s been saying about science all along… 

OK, perhaps Tyson being “okay with a US Space Force” is somewhat surprising, but him advocating for truth is just another example of his stump speech — one which can’t be heard enough if you believe in science and whatnot. Anyone who's watched his Cosmos reboot (you really must) will know the entire series is based on truths that only The Scientific Method can provide, which culminates in a climate change episode warning of the potentially cataclysmic dangers of denying such truths. 

Just like Trump doesn’t seem to be joking about the Space Force, Tyson wasn’t completely joking about a Truth Force, as there kind of is a nascent one already, The National Academy of Sciences, which was actually started by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, the same year he delivered the Emancipation Proclamation. 

While illuminating the merits of the NAS, Tyson even plugged an old video about it, where he implores his students to start remembering Honest Abe not just for his handling of the Civil War, but for “setting our nation on a course of scientifically enlightened governance, without which, we may all perish from this earth.”

Tyson said as much in the 2015 video, but it’s a lesson he continues to teach, including the lesson above, from class on July 21. So no, it doesn’t appear that Tyson believes the Space Force will likely help with woeful ignorance.

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