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Aug 13, 2008

Well, this one is original, I'll give it that...

I got an interesting email from French BABloggee Pierre Joliveau. His father worked on some nuclear tests in French Polynesia back in the 1950s, and took some amazing photographs of the explosions.

Julian pointed this one out in particular:

It's hard to spot the pareidolia, but he helpfully highlighted it:

Now isn't it interesting that people went quite nuts over the face of Satan in the cloud of smoke from the WTC, but no one seems to have noticed this one? And you know what? This one is at least as good as the last few examples I've posted.

You should look at the other pictures in that set linked above, too. There is something eerie and beautiful and horrifying in those pictures. If you've ever watched Trinity and Beyond (also called The Atomic Bomb Movie) then you know what I mean.

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