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Oct 15, 2006

I just got back from a three-day vacation that was exhausting (and you'll be hearing much more about it very soon), so I'm not up to writing a big entry tonight. However, when I see a fun thing on the Internets I make a draft entry for it, so I can collect a bunch of them and post them together in cases of days like today. Here you go.

  • A Shot in the Mind: Karl J. Mogel of The Inoculated Mind hosts The 45th Skeptic Circle, a collection of the self-claimed best blog entries about skepticism from the past two weeks. He has an unusual format this time, which I found to be kinda fun. And yes, I'm in there too.
  • Non-PC: At the risk of sounding sexist (aimed squarely at both sexes, in fact), this list made me laugh out loud. That's pretty rare in those kinds of "Why such-and-suches are like men/women" lists.
  • The Blog Who Fell to Earth: The Down to Earth blog has an interesting mathematical analysis of science blogs. I'm fascinated when power laws pop up in things where I don't expect them (I expect them in astronomy all the time, but in blogs? Cool), and he explains it well. I found this entry because he links to me, and my blog notifies me when I have incoming links.
  • More on Science blogs: Speaking of science blogs, Easternblot has an article on science bloggers. Regular readers will recognize many of the names of the interviewees.

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