Operation: Annihilate! Remastered

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Feb 23, 2008

Very cool Trek stuff: the classic Star Trek show is being remastered, cleaned up, with new digital effects put in. The new effects are generally pretty good, and are not very distracting, like in some other efforts (cough cough Star Wars cough).

The newest one is one of my favorites, "Operation: Annihilate", where little rubber gloppy things take over Spock and Kirk has to blind him. TrekMovie.com (what? you don't have them in your RSS feed? I'm gonna have to take away your little rubber pointy ear appliques) has stills and video from the new version.

It's funny: somehow, it does actually breathe some new life into the show. Back in the 60s they simply didn't have the tech to show some things, so you'd hear Kirk order the bridge crew to do something, Sulu would hit a button while saying "Aye aye," a sound effect would ensue, and that was it. Now they can actually add in the effect, and it adds a cool factor without looking like a cheap gimmick to make fanboys like me watch.

I'd watch anyway. But now it's even more fun.

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