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Sep 25, 2008

I get email. Because my site has been around a while it rises pretty high in Google searches, and that means all kinds of spam gets sent to me. Invalid offers to buy the site, requests for links, and such.

I just got this email, with the subject line "Link Exchange Request with Free Psychic Readings site":


I saw your website's page and felt that you have a wonderful resource which can be of interest to users on my website who are looking for free psychic readings. We will reciprocate you from one of our good theme based site.

My desired link is

[link redacted] Free Psychic Readings: 5Free Minutes @ [website name redacted] Get Live phone love relationship advice with Free Psychic Readings, Free Tarot Card Readings, Astrology Predictions, Numerology Readings and more on [website name redacted]!

I hope you will find my website another good resource to be added into your website.

Kindly revert back with your preferred linking code, hoping for a positive response from you.

Hmmm, a positive response? Well, I can positively say no.

Maybe these folks ought to actually, y'know, read my site first.

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