Randi and I do Nature

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Apr 30, 2008

While I was in England, the good folks at nature.com let me glom on to their pub party, which turned into a Nature/Randi/BA/Brian Cox fan/meetup thingy. It was quite the good time.

In return, all I had to do was write up a soapbox speech and record it for their podcast! What a scam. Suckers.

As it is, they interviewed Randi on it, as well as Alan Marscher, another astronomer who talks about active galaxies! So it's a skeptical and astronomical smorgasbord.

You can download the podcast directly, read the transcript, or check out their archives for tons more cool podcasts.

If you're curious, the woman who does the voiceover ad at the very beginning is none other than Gia.

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