Randi doing much better

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Mar 24, 2006


Well, I have some good news to share after the bad news of the Space-X launch: James Randi is doing much better. I was just voice-chatting with him over the web, and he's feeling "better every day". He looks a little thin (he did lose some weight) but he is clearly on the mend. His beard is a little shorter than it was-- the doctors had to trim it a bit during his tribulations, but it's still Randi under all that white hair. We even got in a few barbs at Sylvia Browne's expense. Speaking of which, he's still on the job, dogging her and making sure people know what a fraud she is.

We only chatted for about 15 minutes, but it was great to see him, and to see him looking so well after what must have been a frightful experience. Clearly, critical thinking and skepticism do a body good!

But you don't have to believe me about how well he's doing-- he has a new voice message on his website (and he sounds even better than he did on his last voice message).'

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