Say hello to my leetel theoretical astrophysicist friends

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Nov 11, 2008

The Hive Overmind is ever growing. Say hello to Cosmic Variance! This is a premier astrophysics group blog, which has been subsumed by the neuronical empire of Discover Magazine.

I'm glad to see it. Sean Carroll, one of the seven cosmically variant writers on that blog, may very well be a Nobel Laureate someday (either that or eventually wind up standing in Hyde Park on a box yelling at passersby about tiny sinusoidal supermode wave asymmetries). And he's just one of the bloggers there; the others actually talk about stuff I understand.

I'm glad to see them come here! So reset your feed readers, update your links, sit back, and revel in the notion that smart people are out there, thinking about cool stuff, and eager to tell you about it.

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