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Jul 17, 2006

I, like most bloggers, am interested in who links here. Sometimes I get a bump in hits, and I know PZ or some other big blog has linked in.

Of course, knowing what people typed into Google is a good bit of knowledge to have, too. It's interesting to know what keywords people used to find the site. Some people value that knowledge highly, since a listing on Google's search engine result page (or SERP) near the top of that first page means it's more likely someone will come to your site (think about it: how many times have you scrounged ten pages deep into Google to find what you needed?).

So what words have surfers used lately to find Bad Astronomy via Google?

  • "shuttle ignition video": Well, this doesn't surprise me too much, since I wrote about cool videos from the recent Shuttle launch.
  • "ann coulter + evolution": I guess this didn't surprise me either, since I blogged about her deranged, delusional spewings recently as well. I was surprised to be on Google's first page of results though. Cool.
  • But what to make of "lyrics to Monkeys in Outer Space"? I suppose it must be due to this entry. I guess it should bug me that something so silly, whimsical, and ultimately useless gets people here, but what the heck.

Now that the blog is the main page of the site, I'll see other weird reasons for people to come here besides looking for "moon hoax" or "face on mars"... hey, wait. Those are weird too! Sigh. What a life.

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