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Dec 14, 2006

OK, reading Lorelle's Wordpress blog (this blog uses WP, so Lorelle has lots of good advice I can use) I saw that she links to's sexiest geeks contest. I won't comment on how I feel about their choices vis-a-vis sexiness (and using

Latin French phrases just brings the sexy, doesn't it?), except to note that one person listed there is astronomy's own Mike Brown, who with his team discovered Eris, the big iceball past Pluto that has caused so much angst among the "how-do-we-define-a-planet" community.

Mike is currently, well, how to phrase this delicately? He's not doing so well in the polls. But we all know astronomy is the sexiest of all sciences (besides, I suppose, scientists who study sex -- but I suspect they take a lot of the fun out of it, too), so I will hold hope that people will figure this out.

I'll also note that they have men and women in the same poll, which is pretty unfair, given the probable demographics of Wired online. And before you accuse me of being sexist, check out the results so far: the two people way out in the lead are both women.

And hey, speaking of voting, PZ and I are still neck-and-tubule. I was ahead by a few votes for a while, but he's in the lead by about 90 once again. That poll closes at 11:59 p.m. Eastern (one minute before midnight) Friday night.

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