Sirius Stargazing

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Nov 20, 2009

I have few regrets in life, but if there's one, it's that I didn't have access to all this amazing technology when I was a teenager and figuring out just how I was going to tackle my love for astronomy. How I would have loved podcasts, programmable telescopes, CCDs, websites with satellite pass information...

But that's the way things are now, and lots of people are putting this tech to good use. Like, for example, Sirius Stargazing, a new YouTube channel with info on how to observe various astronomical objects. It's just starting out but off to a good start. Here's one video on the Pleiades. And who's the dork in the tie introducing it?

If you have a YouTube account and are interested in observing the skies, then consider subscribing to Sirius Stargazing. They may just give you ideas.

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