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Aug 25, 2008

I don't think the post title is actually a word, but it's my blog, and, with apologies to Eric Cartman, I do what I want.

I did two skeptic podcast interviews right before the Galapagos trip: one with James Randi and the Skeptics Guide to the Universe crew (with a direct download here) -- the interview with Randi and me starts at about 32:30 in, but you should listen to the whole thing -- and the second with Derek and Swoopy (obswoop: Mmmmmm, Swoopy) at Skepticality (direct download here).

We talked about a lot of stuff on both 'casts, including the JREF (natch), private space travel, and other skeptical things. If you like those podcasts, subscribe to them! The more people who listen, the merrier, and the better the world will be.

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