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Dec 23, 2008

So you have what, like one day left to buy presents. You're panicked, and you're not sure what to do. Run to the bookstore for a gift certificate? Hope the local superbox has more cartons of electric toothbrushes? Just panic?

There are some things you still can do. They may not be the latest video game or a big plasma TV, but there are some things you can do to get gifts, and maybe do a good deed at the same time:

1) Donate to JREF: The James Randi Educational Foundation (full disclosure: I'm President of the JREF) is trying to make the world a better place by promoting critical thinking. The JREF provides local and national media a rational viewpoint if they need it (and boy, do they need it), and is currently in a phase of expansion that, frankly, costs money. Donating to the JREF will help it achieve its goal of a planet filled with skeptical people. You can become a member, too, for buy a membership for a friend or loved one. It's tax-deductible, and the end of the year is coming...

2) Buy my book: 'nuff said.

3) Skepchick: The Skepchicks posted a skeptical holiday gift guide. It's a bit late to get things shipped, but they have some cool ideas.

4) Skeptical charities: Both TechSkeptic and The Friendly Atheist have posted lists of non-religious charities, should you choose to remain secular but still be able to do good things.

The holidays are for everyone, even skeptics. Have fun, enjoy friends and family, and maybe you can even make the world a better place at the same time.

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