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Oct 26, 2008

Remember "The Skeptologists"? It's a pilot for a TV show I did with six other skeptics. We're still working on getting it picked up, and I hear things are still warm on that front, which is good to know.

In the meantime though, we decided we'd put together a blog where all of us could contribute. So all of us -- Brian Dunning, Michael Shermer, Kirsten Sanford, Yau-Man Chan, Mark Edwards, Steven Novella, and I -- have started up the SkepticBlog. It'll feature a post a day from one of us on some sort of skeptical topic. The first are already up, including ones about the economy, hucksters on TV, Sylvia Brown, Chinese skepticism, and mine about UFOs (a repost from here; I know, but I was spread a little thin when we needed the first post); things should ease up soon and I'll have original content).

Like Swift at Randi's site, a multi-blogger format will give you a chance to see what's going on in different people's minds, with different perspectives.

And reading one more skeptic blog won't kill you. It might even make your day go a little better. I'm always happy to know there are more rational people out there.

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