Soccergirl, TAM 6, and me

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Jul 14, 2008

I was notified by MsInformation that Soccergirl -- one of the most popular vloggers/podcasters on Earth -- has put out her first TAM vid*. Guess who leads it off?


She has lots of fun and very odd clips in there -- Vegas is an odd place-- with some excerpts from my talk and a bunch of others, including my Man Crush George Hrab, who is awesome. Note: The vodcast has NSFW language and images, including one very short shot of SoccerGirl dancing in her undies.

I have to say that in many ways I agree with her about Penn, too: I do like him, he cracks me up, and I agree with him on some things... but then he'll say something that's pretty, um, surprising. But I'll note that there were 900 people in the audience, and when he said we should abolish public schools the applause was clearly from only a few people. There are a number of strong libertarians who attend TAM, and one of these days I'll get into a good scrap with them about government not being all bad. I for one like roads, bridges, a space program, and clean water. But that's just me.

Anyway, SG has some funny clips of the TAM meeting in there, and it's worth watching!

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