Sylvia Brown is very, very icky

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Jan 22, 2007

But you knew that, right? Sylvia Brown claims to be a psychic, but she is actually a horrifyingly evil person. Think I'm exaggerating?

You've heard about the Shawn Hornbeck, the boy who had been kidnapped and then found recently? On the Montel Williams show a few years back, the parents of the boy asked Sylvia Brown about their son. She said the boy was dead, described the kidnapper, and where the boy could be found.

Bzzt. Her claims were all wrong. Worse: she wanted to charge them $700 for a followup 20 minute phone conversation with them.


Coming to the rescue are Robert Lancaster and James Randi... and Anderson Cooper. For once, the mainstream media doesn't kiss the backsides of psychics, and instead hands it to them. Robert and Randi were on Anderson's show the other day, and were pretty clear about Sylvia.

See for yourself:

Robert runs the Stop Sylvia Brown website, based on his successful Stop Kaz site.

He's collected a vast amount of info about this disgusting, vile woman. And of course Randi has as well.

I have to add that Robert was at TAM 5 the other day -- last year, he gave an excellent presentation about stopping "psychics". See what you miss when you don't attend? And I also have to note that in the absence of critical thinking, noisome parasites like Brown thrive. If people actually thought about things, vultures like Brown would find themselves out of a job. The world would be a far, far better place.

Update: Skeptico has more on this, as well as Hey Norton! and Skepchicks.

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