Tales of Dragon Con: Astronomycast Live!

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Sep 9, 2008

Kevin Grazier is many things: astronomer with the Cassini Saturn mission; science advisor for Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Virtuality, and The Zula Patrol; smart aleck, and a friend of mine.

He was at Dragon Con, and the two of us did a few panels together. One was the Science of Science Fiction, a repeat (more or less) of what we did at Comic Con, as well as another on the Science of British SciFi, where we both ragged on and showed our love for Doctor Who, Torchwood, and other programs.

We did a third event, too: a live version of AstronomCast with my dear friend (and Dragon Con heartthrob) Pamela Gay. That was a lot of fun (despite missing Fraser Cain, mutual friend -- I have a lot of friends, I guess -- and cohost of AC), with Kevin and me going all over the map about astronomy, science and scifi. I've known Kevin a couple of years, so we sass each other, riff, and generally have a blast.

The link above has the download of the episode, a whole hour of astronomy-y goodness. Listen, enjoy, lose an hour of your life. My friend Hale-Bopp enjoyed it, too. Image credit: mhaithaca on Flickr, Creative Commons license. It's from DragonCon 2007; I didn't see any pictures from this year's con showing all of us!

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