TAM 5 Report #5: Blogs and photos

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Feb 2, 2007

I'm all out of video interviews from TAM (I did interview Richard Wiseman on the webcam, but it got all messed up and I won't air it). I still have one or two stories to tell -- a longish one involving Penn and Joe Rogan, of all people, and I guarantee you'll like this one! -- but they can wait. So for those of you who wish they could have gone to TAM 5, or wonder what it was like to go, I have been collecting blog entries of people who were there, as well as pictures form the meeting. Below I've listed them for your reading and viewing pleasure.

But first, I need to make a special shout-out to one Robert Lancaster. Last year at TAM 4, Robert gave a short presentation on his Stop Kaz website (wherein he single-handedly stopped a nasty scamming "psychic" from defrauding more people). Robert recently opened up his StopSylviaBrowne website, and we are hoping for the same results: the 100% dead-stopping of that horrible, horrible woman. At TAM 5, a lot of events came together to propel Robert into the limelight, giving his efforts much needed national coverage.

Go read Robert's story. It's very, very cool.

OK, on with it then.


John Rennie's blog at Scientific American; John was a speaker and is editor-in-chief at SciAm

Jen's MySpace page

An article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal

My nacho eating partner Sam Ogden's blog

Mitch Lampert

Atheist Experience's experience, including the fact that he liked my talk

Smug Baldy -- a name that fit half the people at TAM

Also, the appriopriately named Stupid Evil Bastard

Viva Los Skeptos


Lots of folks took pix, and put them online. Here are a few:

Dean Baird

Slipknot McFadden

Stellar Alchemy

Lazarus Long

Smug Mug

Claus Larsen

T J Stough




Mitch Lampert

Ray Natian's first page

Ray Natian's second page

Ray Natian's shot of Rebecca and me (a personal fave)


All the Flickr pix tagged as "TAM5"

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