Trailer to the Moon

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Apr 24, 2007

Keith Cowing at NASAWatch put up a link to a video put out ostensibly by NASA, but it's not like other ones they've done. This one is very, very cool.

The hi-res version is here, and is worth waiting for.

The music is cool. It has "Raiders of the Lost Ark" overtones at first, as Keith points out, then it kicks into a "Battlestar Galactica" thing. I wonder who did this, and what the music is from?

Incidentally, this is the kind of thing I was yelling at NASA to do years ago (well, not literally yelling, but I felt like it sometimes). A handful of these trailers, playing in movie theaters before some crappy SciFi epic, would go a long way toward showing the public that going back to the Moon is such an amazing and awe-inspiring thing to do. NASA needs to do lots more stuff like this.

NASA: you know where to find me. I still wanna help.

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