A Trio of Trek

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Aug 3, 2006

Some people take Star Trek too seriously.

Others take it not seriously enough.

In case you're wondering which I am...

Evidently, I'm James T. Kirk.

Your results:
You are James T. Kirk (Captain)
James T. Kirk (Captain) 75%
Will Riker 70%
Worf 60%
Deanna Troi 55%
Geordi LaForge 50%
Jean-Luc Picard 50%
An Expendable Character (Redshirt) 45%
Beverly Crusher 45%
Leonard McCoy (Bones) 45%
Spock 42%
Uhura 35%
Chekov 35%
Mr. Scott 35%
Data 34%
Mr. Sulu 20%
You are often exaggerated and over-the-top
in your speech and expressions.
You are a romantic at heart and a natural leader.
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I always figured myself as more of a science officer, but I guess I'm too emotional about it.

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