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Jul 9, 2006


After a lot of back-and-forth tussling, hair-pulling, shirt-rending, and other hyphenated actions, I have finally made a big step in the evolution of the Bad Astronomy website: making this blog the homepage.

There is a lot of reasoning behind this. The main motivation was that I update the blog pretty much every day, and sometimes two or three times daily, but I update the main website less than once per month. It seems logical to have the far more active page front and center.

This is also Step 1 in a series of steps to upgrade the site. Once any bugs are ironed out (and if you see any, or have suggestions, leave a comment below!), the next step will be to add software that will move comments from the blog to the discussion board. This allows a LOT more flexibility in commenting, including being able to reference and link to other comments, a serious deficiency currently. Eventually, I may use the blog software as a system to manage the whole site, but that's a serious commitment that I am not yet ready to make. We'll see.

Anyway, for regular readers, you won't see much difference. You can still get to the blog from the old URL (www.badastronomy.com/bablog), but I'd prefer if you updated your links to the main page (just plain ol' www.badastronomy.com). If you read using some blog reader (Google, Bloglines, or whatever) you should see no change.

The old main website page is still available, and you can see the link to it under the logo at the top of this page. Once there, you'll see the usual menu on the left with links to the rest of my overbloated site. Nothing else has changed: I will still skewer antiscientists, uncritical thinkers, and all their ilk as before. But now I'm hoping to open it up to a bigger audience, and make it easier to interact as well.


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