We're #20!

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Jan 6, 2009

According to Career Cast, astronomers are 20th on a list of best jobs to have!

I was rather surprised to see the income listed as over $100,000. But then, long-tenured professors may skew that upward. My own life may drag that number down a bit. It might even make it imaginary.

Still, the list is obviously flawed, since biologists rate #4. But then, I guess a soft science job would be above a hard science job; otherwise we'd have a

Kelvin-Helmholtz Rayleigh-Taylor instability as soon as the list was disturbed.

Oh, sorry: for you scientists who study squishy things, here's what that means.

OK, just to make sure since there are so many humor-impaired people out there: that was a joke! I'm kidding. I love biologists; without them I'd have nothing to make fun of at all without it being mean.

Tip o' the tentacle to Frank Branda.

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