What’s eating you?

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Jun 9, 2005

In 2004, I had the incredible experience of spending two weeks in Australia. I was invited by the Australian Skeptics to be the keynote speaker at their annual meeting, and, not being an idiot, I accepted. After the meeting, I was treated to a chauffered ride around the eastern coast of Oz, where we saw no less than four astronomical observatories, as well as many other wonderful and strange things.

I took lots of pictures of things I found amazing, or beautiful, or odd. I also took some shots of things that were simply really damn funny. I present one of these below. On top is the original picture, and below it is an enhanced version that shows, well, just why I found the image funny.

No one in Australia understood why I didn't want to eat at that establishment, but everyone in America gets it right away. Mmmmmmm, long pig.

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