Whither NASA Admin?

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Nov 14, 2008

With President-elect Obama coming in to shake things up -- and they will get shook, don't you fret -- a lot of agencies will change. NASA is a government agency, and the head is NASA is Mike Griffin. I've had plenty to say about him in the past, both good and bad. I think I've called them like I've seen them.

DarkSyde over at Daily Kos has an interesting take on Griffin. Some of it is fact, other parts speculative. I know Griffin is conservative, and I know his stance on global warming is probably significantly different than mine -- but I wouldn't necessarily yell "conspiracy" without lots of evidence. However, I find a lot of what DarkSyde writes rings true.

I honestly can't say whether Griffin has been a net positive, negative, or neutral for NASA or not. He has done some things very well, but has fallen flat elsewhere. I've talked to many friends in NASA, and affiliated with it, and their opinions differ about as much as anyone else's. No help there. I guess history may tell.

I'll add that it's traditional that when a new President comes into office, agency heads tender their resignation. The President then decides to accept the resignation or not. We'll see what happens with Griffin, and I expect Obama will move on that sooner rather than later.

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