Will 'Charlie' return to Lost? Dominic Monaghan tells us

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Patrick Lee
Dec 14, 2012

Dominic Monaghan, who played the ill-fated but fan-beloved bassist Charlie Pace on ABC's Lost, confirmed that he's talked with series co-creator Damon Lindelof about returning for the show's sixth and final season, which kicks off in early 2010.

"Sure, we've talked," Monaghan said in an exclusive interview while on the set of his new ABC series, FlashForward, on the Disney studio lot in Burbank, Calif., on Monday. "I'm friends enough with Damon that we just hang out."

Monaghan said that rumors about his reappearance were stoked because observers may have misconstrued his relationship with Lindelof. "I think a lot of times recently there's been talk of us hanging out, and 'Why would they be hanging out other than talking about Lost?'" he said, adding: "We had breakfast one time, and I think that was the reason why a lot of these Lost rumors started."

Still, Monaghan said, "I'm sure they would be keen to bring back certain characters this season."

Charlie died heroically in the third-season episode "Through the Looking Glass." Since then, he's appeared a couple of times as a hallucination of Hurley (Jorge Garcia).

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