Your chance to probe David Grinspoon!

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Oct 22, 2008

David Grinspoon is an astronomer and author of the very cool book Venus Revealed. He'll also be talking about aliens in Denver on Thursday at 3-5 p.m. at the Auraria Campus, North Classroom Building at 9000 Auraria Parkway. If you're on Facebook, you can get more details here.

If you're not, then here they are:

This October 23rd, Metro State Atheists will be hosting a lecture by David Grinspoon, author of "Lonely Planets" and curator of astrobiology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, on the blunder that is the Denver ballot initiative for an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. Lucia Guatney, author of the popular blog "Splendid Elles", will be presenting Grinspoon.

Grinspoon is the 2006 recipient of the Carl Sagan Medal given for public communication in the Planetary Sciences. You can find his personal website at

Did you see that? Splendid Elles will be there, too!

I'm not sure if I can go yet or not; things are afoot at Chez BA, but right now it looks like I can make it. It should be fun!

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