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Aug 12, 2006

Set your Cute-MeterTM to "aaawwwwww". I have a new family member to introduce:

Welcome to our new pup, whom we brought home today. She is 9 weeks old, part border collie and part lab. She is incredibly cute, frisky, and smells bad. We hope at least one of these will change.

She had to go through the interrogation process with Bad Dog:

Things went well. Since we now have two of these little beasts, on the rare occasion when a dog plays a role in this blog I can no longer call the old one Bad Dog. So I have decided to call them Canis Major and Canis Minor. If you don't get that, then here you go (as well as here for completeness). I don't generally talk about pets on the blog (though it's been known to happen) but just in case I do, you'll know whom I'm talking about.

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