BA on FB? OMG!

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Jun 19, 2008

So all my loyal droogs know I have a Facebook account. If you have one, add me!

But BABloggee Tomas Vorobjov has taken the next step: he's created an app which you can install on your FB sidebar which will display synopses from the last few posts on the BABlog.

I try to avoid most Facebooks apps because they seem useless, or worse, clutter up my page. But how can I resist this one? Now, a warning: don't let this distract you from actually coming to the site! If you go to the site itself you can comment on the posts, and I encourage that. Join the club!

Speaking of which, I see that Brian Cox has a Facebook page now too. How soon will it be before he passes me in number of friends? I bet like a week. Sigh.

Edited (June 23) to add: I got back from TAM 6 to find 400+ friend requests! Wow!

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