BA on Manswers?

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Oct 23, 2007

I was sent an email from a reader who said he saw me (or possibly the site) mentioned on the new -- and incredibly annoying -- TV show Manswers, which airs on Spike TV.

I happened to catch a minute or two of that episode, but quickly switched the station. I really really really really hate the faux-yelling over-exaggerated announcer-type guy. Flarchhh.

Anyway, an appeal to all you BABloggees... did anyone see it and perhaps catch it on a DVR? I'd love to see what the heck this is about. I think it was episode 3 (featuring a woman crushed a beer can with her breasts and a segment on how to tell a real hooker from a cop... yes, you can see the intellectual appeal here), but I'm not sure.

If you've got an MP3 or MP4 or AVI or whatever, please let me know!

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