London England BA Meetup! Now with more Randi!

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Apr 10, 2008

So next week I fly to Jolly Old to begin an adventure which includes going down to the bowels of the Earth and poking around the Large Hadron Collider. No hadrons will be harmed during this trip, but I will be making videos with the officially sexy scientist Brian Cox, his unofficially sexy wife Gia, and a few others.

We figured, why not take a chance to meet up with folks in England in a pub? And so we will: on April 17th, from 6:30 to 10:30, we will glom onto a meetup and use it to meet BA fans and others from the UK! The details are all online.

But wait, there's more: James Randi hisself will be joining us! He'll be in England on unrelated business, but seeing as how I was sitting next to him yesterday while he's here in Boulder, I asked if he could join us, and he said yes.


So here's your chance to meet quite a few science and skeptic types. Unfortunately, we're not sure if Brian can be there or not, but don't let that stop you (he's married anyway, remember?).

While I'm there, I'll be doing some other things as well, but we're not set in stone on what yet. I'll have more info on all that as it solidifies.

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