Q & BA Episode 1: Galaxies

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Feb 4, 2007

Introducing Q and BA!

It took all weekend, several software and hardware crashes, two PC swaps, and a lot of advice on the movie maker forum, but I finally got out Episode 1 of "Q and BA"! I received more than 75 questions to my call, and so many were on galaxies that I thought it would make a nice splashy first entry. So here you go: Episode 1, "Galaxies".

Note: YouTube's resolution is pretty junky for the nice images I'm using, so I'm also storing hi-res versions of these videocasts on LibSyn.com, a podcasting site. My videoblog page there is http://badastronomy.libsyn.com/ (this current episode it not there yet). I'm also working on getting these uploaded to iTunes! I submitted Episode 0 (the intro) but as of this writing iTunes does not have "Q and BA" listed in their science podcasts. I'm working on it!

The images I found for the video are public domain. They are from Hubble, CFHT, Spitzer, and one I couldn't find a pedigree for so I assume it's free (the wide angle Milky Way shot).

For more information, there are several good places to go. Those links above are a great place to start! Also, Tom Michalik, a Physics professor at Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Virginia has a really nice page with images describing our Galaxy and others. You can also try searching this blog for the words "galaxy" and "galaxies" to find lots of other entries I've made about them.

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