False Prophet

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Dec 31, 2007

Remember back on October 23 of 2007 when I talked about a guy who said the Bible tells us that the volcano on the island of La Palma will collapse, causing a tsunami to devastate the US east coast?

He said it would (most likely) happen on December 25, 2007.

Um, yeah.

Here's what he said in his pamphlet:

A month before April 1st, the volcanic island of Sicily erupted followed by a lunar eclipse that turned the moon red. The dust cloud from La Palma is also predicted to turn the moon red. The most likely date for this event is Christmas Day (25th December) 2007. The night of the 24th is the date of a full moon and Christmas Day celebrates the birth of Jesus.

The whore of Babylon is outlined by Hudson Bay (Canada), riding on the scarlet beast (Labrador) as described in the book of Revelation. This suggests that North America is the Biblical Babylon which is predicted to fall when an angel throws something like a large millstone into the sea. When La Palma erupts, the unstable part of the island will fall into the sea resulting in a mega-tsunami that will affect the east coast of America.

Shocker of shockers, he was wrong. It's been a week since his deadline, so I'm thinking he was wrong. I'm thinking he was wrong anyway, but evidence is evidence.

This is a valuable lesson to would-be doomsday prophets: never ever give an actual date for your end times. You'll only Lieder yourself. Or should that be Juliened?

Whatever. Let's hope that 2008 sees a decline in these types of cosmic scaremongers. But if they pop up, and they use astronomy to bolster their claims, then I have some real doomsday scenarios for them... or at least their careers as hucksters.

Thanks to new BABLoggee Dave Hanson for reminding me of this.

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