Real controversy in evolution

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May 9, 2008

The Disco 'tute, the ironically described think tank for intelligent design, loves to crow about how there are basic controversies in evolutionary science and that makes it all wrong. However, in the real world, we know that the mouthpieces at DI are overly fond of lying, as has been shown so many times that it should set the whole world's collective pants on fire.

But there are real controversies in evolution, as there are in any science. An article in ars technica by biologist John Timmer talks briefly about some real issues in evolution, enough to give you a taste of what's real, as opposed to what the jabbering heads at DI froth over.

Don't let the antiscientists fool you. As we real scientists who fight them like to say, just because we don't know everything doesn't mean we don't know anything. And we know a heckuva lot more than they do.

Tip o' the flagellum to BABloggee and cool cartoon artist Matt Andrews.

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