Chilly climate, Part I

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Nov 27, 2006

Regular readers may be familiar with James Hansen, a climatologist who works for NASA. He has been tireless in advocating that we do something about global warming before it does something to us (if it isn't already too late), and is an outspoken critic of the Bush administration which, to be honest and fair, is the most antiscientific administration ever seen in this country.

Hansen has written an article about his dealings with this increasingly antiscientific government. This is an interesting and infuriating article; I want to scream when I read things like this. Reuters has more on Hansen as well.

In the meantime, the Bush administration is being taken to court over global warming. This is also interesting, as the case rests on the details of the 1970 Clean Air Act and whether the EPA can regulate emission of carbon dioxide. An appeals court was split on the decision, so the Supreme Court is taking it up. I'll be very curious to see how this turns out. While I think the Bush White House is guilty as sin on a long long list of antiscience endeavors, global warming is probably the least likely place they will budge, given how much money is behind denying the reality of it. But maybe with this court case, the climate will indeed change.

Coming up later today: Chilly Climate, Part II

Oops! I forgot to tip my sun-blocking straw garden hat to long time BABloggee and BA friend Cindy Taylor for sending me the link to Hansen's article.

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