Faith as small as a mustard seed

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Aug 13, 2007

... or eggplant, in this case.

Looking at this one, at first it appears to pretty good! But then I looked at it more, and realized the G is actually more like a C. The bottom part curls in to make it G-like, but the top curls in too, thus rendering it categorically not-G.

Of course, cod is a fish, and a fish is a symbol of Christ. See? Even I can connect the

dots seeds.

Also, in the video on the site linked, she flips the slice over, and a horned head is clearly seen. The flip side of God? Or a martian invader?

And what's with the second O above the middle O? COOD? GOOD? Are eggplants GOOD? I actually don't like them, so that interpretation is obviously wrong.

The last letter looks like a D, but could also easily be a P...

OH NOES! It spells GOP.


Via Fark, of course.

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