McCain Straight-Talk express derailed

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Feb 15, 2007

Oh, remember the days when Senator and presidential wannabe Senator John McCain was the straightest talker in the political arena?

Poof. Gone.

He's speaking in Seattle at an event co-sponsored by the Discovery Institute, the

think-tank den of iniguity where creationists dream up how to more convincingly lie to the public about science.

Unless McCain is going there to tell them to their faces that they are evil, unscrupulous liars, then I am done with McCain. Honestly, the past few months he's done what he can to alienate the mainstream of America by courting the fundamentalists and going back on promises he made, which really ought to be enough. This is just icing on that cake. If he's willing to woo (and I use that word quite purposely) that collection of scammers, then he is not to be trusted in the White House. Period.

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