Michigan: Doomed

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Jun 6, 2008

I got my undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan; an excellent school with a superior scientific reputation.

They can flush that reputation away if State Rep. Moolenaar and Senator Hardiman get their way; they have introduced a bill into the state legislation to allow the teaching of creationism.

Oh, they won't phrase it that way, of course. They'll talk about "academic freedom", and "controversial scientific subjects", but what they really mean is that they want to teach fundamentalist religion in school. It's that simple.

And guess what political party these guys call home? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller*?

Yeah, they're Republicans.

Remember when that party was all for defending the Constitution, and not for undermining the First Amendment? Incredible.

Are you a Michigan voter? Do you want the next generation to have, y'know, an education? You know what to do. Write letters to these politicians (Mollenaar and Hardiman) and let them know you want reality to stay as it is. Be polite, of course, but be firm. Do your research first, make sure you understand the issue; the links I have here should help. You might also mention that when election time rolls around, this will be a very important issue.

Otherwise, of course:

Hat tip to Fark, which seems to care more about this kind of stuff than the MSM does.

*Yes, I use this quotation ironically.

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