More White House science suppression?

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Sep 19, 2006

Salon magazine's website has a lot of articles I disagree with (like trying to link autism with vaccines) and a lot I agree with. They just posted an article indicating the Bush White House may have been controlling media access to climate scientists. This article makes an interesting case, but it's not as solid as what happened earlier this year (oh, just search for "Deutsch" in my blog search engine), so I'm not sure what to think about it.

Evidently, WH emails indicate that they were controlling what media could access which scientists, the implication being that the WH was trying to spin global warming. We know for a fact they've done that in other cases, so more evidence isn't surprising. My question is how strong this evidence is. My Senator, Barbara Boxer, is looking into this. I might send her an email about it as well.

Update: British scientists have written a letter to ExxonMobile asking the company to stop funding groups that lie about the science of global warming. Very cool.

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