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Oct 27, 2006

Every week, my buddy and world-renowned cranky guy James Randi writes a newsletter about the latest nonsense being spread by fraudulent or self-deluded psychics, antiscientists, and newagers. This week he wrote about a site which tells you how to pray for the "right" results in the upcoming national U.S. election.

Yes, you read that correctly.

My thoughts on prayer are on record. I talked about it extensively in a "Brains on Vacation" segment I did on the "Are We Alone" radio show (available in MP3 and WMV). Intercessory prayer is useless. These results are quite firm. Praying for something doesn't work; getting off your butt and doing something about it does.

As I have told people before, one pair of hands grasping a shovel will do far more good than a thousand hands closed in prayer.

However, given how antiscience the current administration is, and how the far-right religious groups are egging them on, it would be better for science, our country, and our world if those people Randi talks about really do stay home and pray rather than vote.

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