We already have one skinny guy on the TARDIS

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May 12, 2008

Comedy Central has an interesting table up: which Presidential candidate would make the best companion for Doctor Who*? Turns out, in their opinion, it depends on the Doctor.

McCain gets three nods, while Obama gets four, including being on board with David Tennant. I dunno. I'd like to see Nader complaining about the unsafe features of the TARDIS (no safety belts?), or John Edwards survive a typical crash landing without one hair out of place. Of course, Clinton would ignore all of the Doctor's advice (the Time Lord is an expert after all).

But McCain? Part of the charm of the show is that the Doctor is older than everyone else.

*Link is semi-NSFW.

Tip o' the Sontaran spacesuit helmet to BABloggee dj empirical.

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