When crazy meets crazy: Phelps vs. Huckabee

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Feb 8, 2008

Via Crooks and Liars comes the news that Fred Phelps, the dangerously deranged fundamentalist nut, is protesting a talk by Mike Huckabee, the dangerously deranged fundamentalist nut.

Phelps is basically vermin, protesting funerals of soldiers because of his complete disconnect from reality. While real human emotions get riled needlessly and cruelly by him, he is relatively harmless beyond that -- even the far-rightest of the far right ignores him. Huckabee, though, wants to change the Constitution to make it align better with the Bible. He's a legitimate danger to this country, and the world.

Schadenfreude? Sure. But maybe this will shine a light on just how nuts this country has gotten since the far far Religious Right has put a stranglehold on one party's politics. I tend to talk about their insane jihad against science, but they have much scarier and far-reaching goals. But now, they're ready to detonate over McCain, and James Dobson has actually endorsed Huckabee.

I swear, you can't make this stuff up. Remember, as I have said repeatedly here: if you are a religious citizen of the United States, it's doubly important for you to protest these fringe people. I think the vast majority of religious people in this country are relatively moderate, but unless you speak up, these lunatics speak for you.

I sure hope that come November, this country can pull itself back from this nonsense and get to the business of actually being America again.

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